Driver Licensing Policies and Practices

Welcome to our website designed to provide “one stop shopping” for information on state driver licensing policies and practices affecting older and medically-at-risk drivers. There are two parts to the website:

The Driver Licensing Policies and Practices database. Here you can choose from a drop-down list of topic areas to display state-specific information that was gathered from a recent AAAFTS survey of U.S. state and Canadian province driver license agencies. You can leave the information sorted by state, or sort the data on a topic of interest.

To learn about innovative programs licensing agencies are undertaking to address the needs of older and medically-at-risk drivers, go to the Noteworthy Initiatives database. Here you can search by state or by topic area to obtain brief program descriptions, including links to relevant ma terials and websites and contact information for learning more.

A final report (1 MB PDF) detailing the project background, approach, and results is now available.


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Data in these tables are updated on a rolling basis. Last update: September 12, 2016